Yes we said it. Banners eat a chunk of real estate from your mobile website or app, They offer little real estate for a clear message. Beautiful apps become ugly because of mobile ads. This is why we re-invented mobile ads keeping in mind that ads shouldn’t take real estate on mobile, ads must be clearly noticed and have a strong call-to-action. A simple comparison between the click-through rate on any standard banner (0-5%-1%) and Mobper ad units (10%-15%) proves monetization with Mobper is much more effective.

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Mobile popups available on most operating systems, browsers and devices, intuitive and disruptive by design, these mobile ad units get the job done with the highest click-through rates compared to any other form of ad on mobile. Get 20x better performance than standard banners ads on the same traffic.


Bookmark ads are an intuitive and unique way to engage mobile users. They drop from the top of the screen after the page has finished loading, hover on screen for 3 seconds and disappear on their own, users may also close the ad if they’d like to move past it.

  • 72×72 Icon
  • Headline
  • Short Description



Cross promote up to 4 advertisers at once, engaging the user with the curious-looking slider menu and letting him choose the most relevant offer for him. Utilize valuable mobile realestate with this integrated promotion ad unit.